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My Influenster VoxBox

 I had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of my VoxBox and finally received it a couple weeks ago! Inside Were Some pretty awesome things, take a look!

  • Cherry pie by LARABAR
  • Strawberry souffle face masque by Montagne Jeunesse(mon-tag Ja-nees)
  • Coconut scrub bar soap by SoftSoap
  • NYC liquid lip shine in Nude York City shade
  • Garden Botanika lash primer
  • Impress press on nails in Dancing Queen style by Broadway Nails
  • Mentos Pure fresh gum

 So my favorites out of all the products I tried are Garden Botanika lash primer, NYC liquid lip shine, Mentos pure fresh gum, montagne Jeunesse and soft soap coconut scrub.

 The NYC liquid lip shine was just like an expensive lip gloss, the texture scent and feel were fantastic! This lip gloss really blew me away! It’s hard to believe that you can buy it for around $3.00. I will be buying more of NYC liquid lip shine now, I’m hoked!

 I loved the softsoap bar soap, it really is one of the better soaps I have tried because I found that the coconut scrub hydrated my skin better than other bar soaps I have tried. The only cons to this soap are that I don’t think it exfoliates as much as I was hoping and I wish it had a more natural coconut smell to it.

 So I really am loving the LaraBars now that I finally got to try one. My cherry pie LaraBar tasted just like cherry pie! I love that it has all natural ingredients made of fruits and nuts, it doesn’t contain any soy and and is gluten free. LaraBars will be part of my diet from now on!

 I really loved Mentos pure fresh gum! I have to admit that I am one of those person’s that ends up chewing the same pice of gum for half the day, but you know what? This gum has very very long lasting flavor and it doesn’t become hard to chew after chewing it for say an hour! This will be my new gum of choice now!

 Montagne Jeunesse is just amazing stuff! They don’t test on animals, they use all natural ingredients, they all smell yummy and most importantly it leaves your skin feel so soft and smooth! I have tried all kinds of the Montagne Jeunesse and I have loved every one of them! I have sensitive skin and have never had a problem with it.

 I was amazed at how Garden Botanika lash primer really did make my lashes fuller! It also made my mascara glide right on. I love the fact that it conditions your lashes while you wear it. I found that it makes my mascara come off easier when I remove it also, which is fantastic because I have always had trouble getting mascara off easily! I have tried other Garden Botanika products before and I think they are a great company with high quality products and at great prices too!

I tried out the impress nails a couple days before Christmas and I have to say I love being able to get the look of salon acrylic nails in minutes and I also love that I can change them whenever I want! I was a little disappointed though because on about the 4th day I had to remove them because they were becoming loose. I will still use these nails though on special occasions because they look great and are  great price for the professional look you get!

 I was so very pleased with all the contents of my VoxBox! I hope to qualify for the upcoming Valentines day VoxBox so I can share with all of you my honest opinion and hopefully I can show you new products that you never knew about!

Upcoming review for my Influenster VoxBox

 Be on the look out for an upcoming review on my Holiday VoxBox filled with awesome products from Influenster! Here is an overview on Influenster via their website:

  What is a Influenster?

 Community of trendsetters invited to share their lifestyles and show their influence to qualify for personalized product shipments, special rewards and exclusive deals from the brands they love. Members love testing the latest products, giving insightful feedback, and spreading the word on their favorite finds!

If this perks your interest please check them out with the I have provided below!!/Influenster

My life as a stay at home mom

 Welcome to My new tumblr page which I have dedicated to reviews of  products that I have tried and I give my honest opinion on what I think. I have other pages but none dedicated to just doing reviews, so I thought it was time to start one. My main interests are beauty,fashion,food,baby and electronics so I will be bringing those reviews here soon! I hope to get the word out on some great products that deserve to be known!

please let me know if there is a review you would like to see and I will try to make it happen

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